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For over twenty years, COFAN USA has provided advanced, customized solutions to serve our partners’ unique needs and allow them to succeed in their markets. While we started out as a company dedicated to cooling solutions for electronic and industrial applications, over time we have expanded to provide innovative solutions in the PCB and LED industries as well. We strive to deliver quick, customized, and professional solutions to our clients by adhering to the highest standards of quality and service.


To provide quick, customized, and professional services in cooling, PCB, and LED applications.


To be a world leading one-stop shop for all of our customers’ engineering, manufacturing, and consulting needs.


  • Go the extra mile
  • Make the impossible possible
  • Personal leadership is essential to excellent teamwork
  • Take action
  • There is always room for improvement


We provide custom fan and heat sink design solutions to meet the most particular design requirements.
We strive to meet your expectations in all areas of design, support and manufacture.
You and your customer satisfaction are our ultimate goals.
We provide long-term production needs with a stock to ship, just in time delivery program.
We provide innovative products for the most complicated thermal challenges using state-of-the-art fan and heat sink technology utilizing various alloys at very competitive prices.

Industry Served

IoT 10%

QA Department

At Cofan, we stand behind every product we ship out. Everything we ship undergoes rigorous testing before it leaves our shipping dock. Testing and inspection begins with the components and concludes with system level testing of the final product for every the turnkey solution project.

Our Quality Assurance department is staffed with full-time quality engineers and technicians. As an organization, we are dedicated to quality. We build it into our process, employee training, and every product we touch.


For the Cofan Group, quality is a process. To establish and maintain the best practices, we have certified our facilities in both Taiwan and China to ISO-9001  standards. ISO-9001 is the standard certification for manufacturing quality. Our heat sink facility is also certified to the ISO 14001 standard, which is related to environmental management. To protect our employees’ safety and health, we also obtained certification for OHSAS 18001. All our products are UL and CSA certified and all our fans are RoHS compliant. As for our PCB facilities, we are certified for ISO9001, IPC-6011, IPC-6012B, ANSA/IPC-A-600, IPC-4101B, UL, and CSA standards.

Continual Improvement

  • Management reviews of quality systems
  • Corrective action systems
  • Revision control
  • Process improvement teams
  • Meeting inspection points using measurement machines [link to equipment list]

Our Happy Customers


Filp Chip Opto (FCOPTO) is a subsidiary of Cofan USA that started out as the LED Modules R&D Division. It is comprised of a broad band of talents with expertise in semiconductors, eletro-optics, material science, bonding engineering, thermal management, and luminaire systems. It is the home of the patented 3-Pad Flip Chip COB, a collaboration with Cofan PCB division’s super pillar MCPCB.

Ursa is a subsidiary of Cofan USA that leverages our 30 years of experience in thermal management combined with Flip Chip Opto’s revolutionary 3-pad flip chip design to create LED products that are not only beautifully designed, but will lower your energy costs by up to 70%.

Company History

  • Incorporation 1994
    Cofan USA is established in Fremont, CA to serve the Silicon Valley as a fan manufacturer and distributor.
  • Product Introduction 1995
    Cofan USA introduces its first Heatsink/Fan CPU cooler to outstanding reviews and high demand.
  • Asia Expansion 1999
    Cofan USA, using its growing manufacturing expertise, introduces its Asia-based manufacturing facility and uses its program management skills to solve customers needs for low cost off-shore production for both high and low quantity needs.
  • Thermal Analysis 2000
    Cofan USA begins offering design and manufacturing services for custom sheet metal, die cast, extrusion and machined products.
  • CFD & Engineering 2001
    Cofan USA introduces state-of-the art CFD thermal analysis to enable a quick turnaround, all-in-one analysis of its customers’ thermal needs that encompasses thermal analysis, design, prototyping, testing and manufacturing.
  • China Factory Introduction 2003
    Cofan USA establishes a factory in China and begins providing turnkey assembly to its customers. Cofan is able to design, supply, build, and install customer needs to completion.
  • MCPCB Introduction 2005
    Cofan USA enters the LED lighting business with the introduction of metal core PCB (MCPCB).
  • Taiwan Factory Introduction 2009
    Cofan USA establishes the Taiwan PCB/MCPCB facility.
  • Thermal R&D Expansion 2011
    Cofan USA establishes an R&D team in Taipei to provide around the clock engineering services.
  • PCB Factory Introduction 2012
    Cofan USA establishes the China PCB team to provide production to LED assembly.