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Our Expertise

With more than 20 years of experience in thermal management solutions, we provide the best thermal simulation services offered in the industry to help reduce the costs of product development for our customers. We offer consulting for the best possible arrangements and recommendations in thermal solutions. Whether you have a completely new product in need of a thermal solution or you have an existing product with non-functioning parts, COFAN is here to assist you.

Tools for Assisting Product Development

Simulation Software
» ANSYS Icepak
» 6SigmaET

How We Do Thermal Analysis

In the past, thermal analysis has been mainly focused only on the performance at the component level in the free-air environment with estimated boundary conditions. However, components behave very differently in a high-power-density environments with the surrounding components.

A more accurate approach to thermal analysis and modeling is the computational fluid dynamic (CFD) approach, which takes heat transfer coefficients of the actual airflow conditions into consideration. Using CFD-based finite volume analysis software can simulate and analyze the performance of each component in the actual operating environment.

We start out by seeking answers to the following questions:

  • What is the objective of the analysis?
  • What is the easiest way to obtain those objectives?
  • What geometric specifications should be included?
  • What are the freestream and/or operating conditions?
  • What dimensionality of the spatial model is required? (1D, quasi-1D, 2D, axisymmetric, 3D)
  • What should the flow domain look like?
  • What temporal modeling is appropriate? (steady or unsteady)
  • What is the nature of the viscous flow? (inviscid, laminar, turbulent)
  • How should the gas be modeled?

Free CFD Consultation

The offer

Whether you have a completely new product in need of a thermal solution or you have an existing product with dysfunctional parts, COFAN is here to assist you. We have more than 20 years of thermal design engineering experience, and our design process decreases prototyping costs and accelerates time to market. The offer is up to 10 hours of free CFD simulation and consultation.

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