RoHS Compliance

Cofan RoHS Compliance Certificate

The European Union (EU) Directive on the Restriction of certain Hazardous Substances EU Directives must be transposed in each EU state into binding National legislation. This will restrict the use of certain substances in electrical and electronic equipment placed on the EU market beginning July 1, 2006.

The Directive seeks to limit the chance of hazardous substances possibly leaching out and polluting the environment during end-of-life recycling or disposal in landfills. The electronics industry is most affected by the restriction on lead, as it is a key component in electronic component packaging (pins), solders and solder pastes. While the term "lead-free" is sometimes used to describe RoHS, the real requirement for manufacturers is to design and ship products that are not only lead-free but fully RoHS compliant.

Products containing the substances listed in the table below, and in concentrations lower than the values listed under the MVC heading, are understood to be in compliance with directive 2015/863/EU of the European Parliament and the Council of June 4th 2015 on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substanes in electrical and electronics equipment.

Substance MVC
Lead - Pb
Mercury - Hg
Cadmium - Cd
Hexavalent Chromium - Cr(V1)
Polybrominated Biphenyls - PBB
Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers - PBDE
Bis (-Ethtlhexyl) phthalate - DEHP
Benzyl butyl phthalate - BBP
Dibutyl phthalate - DBP
Diisobutyl phthalate - DIBP
0.1% by weight (1000 ppm)
0.1% by weight (1000 ppm)
0.01% by weight (1000 ppm)
0.1% by weight (1000 ppm)
0.1% by weight (1000 ppm)
0.1% by weight (1000 ppm)
0.1% by weight (1000 ppm)
0.1% by weight (1000 ppm)
0.1% by weight (1000 ppm)
0.1% by weight (1000 ppm)

To the best of our knowledge,Cofan-USA's DC Fan, AC Fan, Blower and Heatsink products listed on the Master Parts Transitioned List are in compluiance with above RoHS Directive.

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Established in 1994, COFAN USA provides advanced thermal solutions like AC Fans, DC Fans, Blowers and Impellers.  Engineering and fabrication services combined in our local facilities with ability to transition volume production to our manufacturing locations in Taiwan, China, or Korea make Cofan an ideal partner for your thermal assembly requirements.

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